Cosmetic Dentistry

A Beautiful Smile is About More than Aesthetics

You only have one shot at a first impression and research shows that a good first impression starts with a beautiful smile. While some feel that cosmetic dentistry is about the look of the patient, we know better. We know that when a patient has a whiter, brighter and straighter smile, they are more confident, open and actually healthier. So, for us, restoring our patients smiles isn’t about vanity… it’s about helping every person live their best life.

Some of the cosmetic services we offer, include:

Tooth Whitening: Avoid the potential damaging, and often ineffective, over-the counter tooth whitening products, and seek professional application of safe and non-toxic treatments with Dr. Marta. Ask Us More

Dental Bonding: Dental bonding is a treatment option available to help address minor issues, such as a chipped tooth, tooth discolouration, broken teeth or gaps. Simple and pain free, Dr. Marta will apply a tooth-coloured composite resin to the area of concern and shape it to seamlessly blend with your other teeth. Ask Us More

Crowns & Bridges: Easily addressing your broken, chipped or discoloured teeth, Crowns & Bridges can be an effective treatment to restore a smile. A bit more invasive than dental bonding, but with minimum side effects or recovery time needed. Ask Us More

Cosmetic Dentistry

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