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We can’t help it. There’s just something about kids visiting our office that make us smile. We love their curiosity and desire to know everything that we do. Typically we recommend starting their visits after their teeth first erupt through the gums. This allows us to take a proactive approach to dental care and educate parents on caring for those new teeth.

While we know that these first teeth will fall out in a few years, it’s still critical to establish healthy habits from the beginning. The last thing you want is for your child to develop dental decay in their primary teeth as it can lead to defective enamel in permanent adult teeth before they even erupt. Dental decay at an early age will definitely impact the lifetime health of your child’s teeth.

As kids get older we continue to see them, generally twice a year, for cleaning and to reinforce how to care for their teeth. We are here to help parents teach the importance of twice daily brushing and to get kids to understand how and why they need to floss daily.

Our team aims to be there for the life of your child’s teeth… so, forever! Connect with us to book your child’s first visit.

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